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Friday, March 16, 2012

Cousin Sandy

After leaving Minnesota we traveled through Wisconsin. I really like Wisconsin. It is a beautiful state and it is the state that most reminds me of Pennsylvania. The landscapes and the weather is very similar to PA.
We had chatted with Pops' cousin, Sandy on Facebook and knew that she and her truck driver husband, Ernie, were going to be coming through Wisconsin today also.
Pops texted her on the phone to see where they were.
After several texts we realized that we could meet up with them at Mauston, WI. So we planned to do that.
They got there about 25 minutes before we did and went inside for something to eat. We had explained that we were on a "secure load" and could not leave our truck.
When we got there we waited for a few minutes for them to come back out. Then we visited with them for a little over an hour.
I was so glad to see them. It was salve for my soul.
Sandy is a friend of mine from high school. She is first cousin to Pops. She introduced me to him 34 years ago this month.
Her mother, Louise, is one of my all time favorite people that ever lived on this earth. She was so good and kind to me and I considered her my second mother. She and Pops' mother, Jane were sisters.
I loved visiting with Sandy and Ernie, but the hour went by way too quickly.

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