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Friday, February 5, 2016

Sick, both of us

We were both sick this week. We had sore throats, chest colds, head colds, irritability, achy bones and muscles. And we worked hard this week. We actually had 4 runs this week and it seemed that we worked extra hard to earn our money this week. 
Maybe it seemed that way because we had a really slow month, maybe because we were sick, but I think it's because we had 4 relatively short runs that kept us moving, loading, securing, fueling, unloading, and lots of paperwork because hazardous and security loads require scanning paperwork 3 times instead of once. And hazardous and security loads take extra time at both ends.
But we did work this week and for that we are grateful.
When one of us wasn't driving, we were resting, or trying to. 
When I was a kid my mom gave us coffee soup when we were sick. I think it was because we were poor and if we wasted it, it wouldn't matter too much, but she made it seem like a treat.
So this week, I made myself some coffee soup. We always used crackers rather than bread.
We did not get to stay in one place very long. So when Friday came and we didn't have a load, we both napped. 
Then Saturday we cleaned EVERYTHING. We washed all laundry including rugs. We wiped every surface. We washed every dish, plate, cup, thermos, coffee pot and utensil with bleach. It felt a little better to be in a clean germ free environment for a few moments. We were mostly feeling better but there were a few more coughs in each of us.

Coffee Soup
  • 4 cups hot coffee
  • 4 slices bread — toasted
  • sugar
  • cream

  1. cups hot coffee
  2. slices bread — toasted
  3. sugar
  4. cream
  5. Brew the coffee according to your taste.
  6. Break each slice of bread into 1-inch
  7. pieces and place in four serving bowls.
  8. Fill each bowl with steaming coffee. Add
  9. sugar and cream to your taste and stir. Serve hot.

What do you see?

T Rex in Kentucky

Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY

Nashville just wouldn't hold still. Lol


We assembled to worship in London, OH. Wendell Hurley is the preacher. He preached a sermon on The 7 essentials for a Christian Life. One of them was holiness. He stated that holiness is what distinguishes a true believer from a make believer. That statement impacted my thoughts.

After church we restocked groceries, added a few game time snacks since tonight is the Super Bowl. The Broncos are playing the Panthers. I don't really like football but my family are mostly Raven fans and some are Steeler fans so football is over for us. However, our grandson, Zachary likes the Panthers so I hope he gets to see them win. Go Panthers.

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