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Monday, September 28, 2015

Time to catch up

Oh gee, so I see that I haven't posted since July 4th and here it is the last few days of September. I had good intentions, I really did, and still do. 
Yesterday was mine and Pops' 5 year anniversary of working with Fedex. When we began this job we said that we were only going to do it for 5 years. 
Anyway, we are still here for now.
I have a mess of pictures that I am going to pin to this writing and try to put a few words to what ever needs some description.
And then I really really want to post each and every week. Is there anyone that will help me stay accountable to that?
At least twice a year I get this blog printed onto book form. My desire is to give each of my kids one of these books when we are all done with this job. Well if I don't get busy, this 1/2 year will make a very thin book and a very fast read.

On one of our trips through Arizona, we saw an elk along the highway.

And then we saw a field full of elk, with a rainbow.

At the end of this exit there is a lake, a lot of water.

I sat and watched this squirrel for a long time on the day of the Chattanooga shootings.

We made a trip up and over Loveland pass in Colorado. It is very high elevation and the road switches back on itself many times as you wind your way up and then down.

UTAH is always so gorgeous.

Ron Helm is a wonderful man that rode my school bus many years ago. We were good friends. I got to visit with him at his work at Fort Drum. 

Our son, Tom and his fiancé, Sophia are expecting a baby, due in April of 2016.

We saw this deer in Pennsylvania.

This is our very dear friend, Barbara. We got to spend some time with her and she even walked 2 miles with us at Walmart in Independence, MO.

Transylvania is in Louisiana.

This deer was near a military base in Pennsylvania.

We crossed the Chesapeake Bay by tunnel and bridge between the Delmarva Penninsula and Norfolk, VA. We even saw a dolphin that day.

I am having a love affair with the moon lately. But I missed the Blood moon on September 27th. It was too cloudy where we were.

These turkeys were near our home.

The Tennessee River near Chattanooga.


We stopped at a rest area in Wisconsin and walked the trail there to the top of the mountain. It was a nice day.

Yes, we still pick up every coin we find. I recently found $30.00 in a Walmart parking lot in Nevada.

We spent a nice weekend on the border of Wisconsin/Minnesota.

This is near the start of the fabulous Mississippi River in Minnesota.

Paul Bunyon

This buffalo statue is in Jamestown, ND. It can be seen from the interstate. It is huge!

We visited Painted a Canyon in North Dakota. We walked the trails and got to see buffalo up close.

Fall came early to parts of Idaho this year. It was a drizzly, cold day. We walked anyway and about froze to death.

There are mountains of piled up rocks on route 8 east of San Diego.

We made a delivery in the dead center of Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. We parked beside the Beverly Hills High School.

The Hollywood sign.

Kanye? Really? I hope not!

Dallas at night

There is a new Peanuts movie coming out soon. So there is an app that helps you "peanutize" yourself.

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