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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Home for the New Truck

Pops and I got home for a week over Easter. It was much needed after being out for over 12 weeks. But it wasn't really a vacation because we had so much to do while home.
Pops had a Dr's app't to check his blood pressure and we both had app'ts with the eye Dr.
Then we had to get our taxes done.
We also were getting a new truck. We got a truck that is refrigerated, so no more explosive loads for us. I hope that we don't lose all of our military loads though because we like them. Moving trucks is a lot of work but we got it done.

No, it's not garbage on the bed, we were still unpacking.

I got to see my sister twice. I miss spending time with her.
And I got to have breakfast with my very good friends, Ruth, Margo, Carol and Starla.
We had two family dinners because everyone couldn't all come at once. That's always the absolute best part of going home---being with my family. The older I get the more I want to be with them.
And we got to attend church at Wills Mountain Church of Christ and see some very special people.
This is the Somerset County Courthouse. Isn't it beautiful.

Saw these turkeys on the way home from church.

Starla and I took on a new project. I got the idea from the Internet. We bought a bunch of used dolls. Starla worked hard to get all their terrible makeup off. Then I brought four with me on the truck and repainted them to look more naturally like little girls. I loved this project. And although I am not very good at knitting, I did hademake some of the clothes.
Of course we are back to work and it didn't take long for our company to get us back out west. We worked our way across and we are still doing military loads. As a matter of fact, after two weeks, we haven't yet done a refrigerated load.

The next few shots are from Wyoming and UTAH.

As we got to Salt a Lake City a weird late winter storm came through. It was rain/snowing salty, muddy mess. And I-80 got shut down for over 5 hours because of a bad accident. So we were stuck at the truckstop during that time. 

But then when it reopened we made our way to California. I watched this little ground squirrel while we were ata rest area. He was coming for the pieces of bread that I had thrown out for the birds.

Then we left California for a load going to Colorado. It was a wonderfully scenic trip.

We always enjoy the Sierra Nevada mountains. But then we worked our way south through UTAH and southern Colorado. It was a foggy, drizzly morning in UTAH.

It was still overcast and chilly as we drove through Colorado.

Chimney Rock

We stopped the truck in the steep mountains to take some pictures and as we walked back to the truck we saw 7 bighorn sheep. None of them had the bighorns so they were either too young or female. They were just across the road and were not afraid of us at all. I took a lot of pictures of them.

Wilson's Arch and Chimney Rock
This is Treasure Falls.

Then I saw this big pronghorn at a rest area in Colorado.

I just love prairie dogs. They are hilarious.

It is weekend and we are picking up tomorrow and by Wednesday we'll be back east. We need to get home for a brief stop, our new glasses are ready.

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