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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Staying around home.

What a couple of weeks. We had two Weeks in a row of having to get home. First, our DOT physicals were expiring so we had to stay near our region so that we could hopefully get home on Thursday or Friday to have them done. 
Well, we were in the area but our truck broke down and so we had to rent a car and drive home. We were at the house long enough to hug Starla and get showered then we drove to the Dr and was quickly back on the road to Harrisburg.
Our truck wasn't done so we had to TRY to sleep in the little rental car. Ha! It wasn't happening.
But our truck was done the next day so we were ok.
For the next few days we stuck close to our region because this time Pops had blood work on Thursday and a Dr app't on Friday. Then on Saturday he and Bill P. And another friend was going to Ohio to prepare the hunting house. And I was driving a group of women from the church to NYC.

What a weekend"
Pops and I got home on Thursday because he had some medical testing and Dr app'ts on Friday.
On the way home we stopped at a car dealership to compare two car models that I have been liking. And still couldn't decide which I preferred.
Once home we drove to our local dealership and I came home with a Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid, fully loaded! I love it although I will continue to admire the outback model.
Friday morning we got up early and he went for blood work. Then we met up with friend, Natalie and my sister, Amy and her husband, Scott. Together with them and Starla, we all went to breakfast. We had a grand visit. Good thing they seated us in the far back.
After breakfast Pops went to the Dr. Starla and I ran a couple of small errands and ran into my stepson, Frankie and Martha, my best friend from school.
Saturday, VERY VERY EARLY, Starla and I took a group of 14 church ladies to New York City. We rented a van and I drove. What a good time. I wish that we could've had more time there.
Pops and Bill went with another friend to the Ohio hunting camp to clean and prepare for The Big Annual Hunting Trip.
Sunday was church at Wills Mt. There were a lot of sleepy ladies because we didn't get back until almost 3am.
It was good to see all of our church friends and Preacher Roy gave a fantastic message, really good to see him and his wife, Sandy.
After church Our son, Tom came up for dinner and a visit and before you knew it, it was time for us to get moving.
It was a great weekend.

We got two loads on Friday afternoon while we were out of service so it looked like the work week was going to start out ok.

And then we continued with 3 more good trips. It has been a good couple of weeks. And now we try to stay busy until our vacation in November.

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