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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Wow, I have really left my blog slide. 
We have a little more than a year yet to do this job and then we will switch gears and go back home to find a local job.
We have gone through quite a few frustrations and upsets lately. We feel like we are jumping through hoop after hoop just to make as much money in this job as we did 4 years ago. Both of us were, and still are sometimes, feeling depressed and unsure of what we will do next.
We both lost our excitement for this job but are trying to get it back.
We are trying to stick it out one more year, until next November. But The Lord could change our direction at any time.
Since Lucy has died we have moved into a dedicated position of hauling mostly all gov't/military loads. We enjoy doing these loads and hope that this move will pay off for us.
With all of that being said, I am going to try to be more diligent with our blog. Now keep in mind that all of our loads are classified so we will not be able to disclose any of that, and I can only post approximate locations and not be so detailed while under a load.
I will make sure to at least, post weekly with pictures.
There are still several goals that we have for ourselves before we finish this job. They are: 
1. Seeing a moose
2. Visiting the Grand Canyon
3. Getting back to the Seattle area for a weekend visit
4. Getting to see Mount Rushmore
5. Visiting the Whites Ferry Road Church of Christ
We have 15 more months in this job if are plans hold out.
But let me tell you one thing, on the very first day after this job, I will own another dog. It will be a female, from the shelter, and her name will be Joy. Because I have a hole in my heart so big since Lucy died. 
Here are some pictures.

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