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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Doggies

Three years ago Pops and I were staying at a truckstop near Montgomery, Alabama. While Pops was resting, I sat in the front reading. I looked out the window and saw a very pregnant doggie hanging around. I throw her some of our dog treats and some bread and a couple other things. She slept outside our truck for hours. When I woke up the next morning, she was gone.
I have often wondered about her, and about her puppies. Every time we drive by there I think of her and if we stop there for fuel, I always search for her. But never have spotted her.

We got to stay at this truckstop this weekend. We even got the same exact parking space. Imagine my surprise when evening came and I saw her outside my window.

And this time she had friends with her, first was a big black lab. He was so shiny but very skinny. His eyes looked an awful lot like hers.

Then there was this little misfit. This one was wearing a collar.

Of course, I cleaned out our refrigerator and cupboards and threw them all of our leftover food. They stayed around for hours until it started to rain.
I was so happy to see the female again. I really love dogs. I would scoop up all strays if I could.

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