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Friday, November 11, 2011

Vacation Pt.1

We drove home from Landover, MD and carried all of our stuff inside, all of the laundry and refrigerator food, and some other stuff. We did manage to do it in only 2 trips each. I started my the washing machine right away and then just sat and relaxed and enjoyed the peace and contentment of being home. It was so nice to visit with Bill and Starla for the evening.
The next morning Pops went to the church for a meeting with the area preachers and elders. While he was there, Bill went to his aunt Sharon’s to get some firewood and Starla and I went to Walmart to get groceries.
Later that afternoon our boys, Tom and Drew came up to the house for supper. Drew brought his dog, Bullet along. I cannot believe how much that puppy has grown. He is almost full grown. But he is still full of puppiness.
I made salmon cakes, sweet potato fries and salad.
We had a really nice visit with them. I love my family so much. I hated to see the boys leave to go home.
Pops and Bill left the house around 1am to leave for their Ohio hunting trip. And now Starla and I were alone for the 11 days.
I had made an appointment to have my car serviced the next morning at 9am. So Starla drove my car down to LaVale while I followed in Bill’s truck. Then after dropping my car off we went up to the mall to walk around. We did some shopping but not much buying and we had a good time.
After picking up my car we headed home for a few hours and a quick nap.
Later that evening we went to the church for Bible Study. I love getting to be with my church family. They are doing a study on Bible artifacts that have been found that give scientific proof of the biblical scriptures. It is really interesting. After church we hung around for a little while just to visit.
The next day we didn’t have any plans so we straightened up the house, done some laundry, watched a bunch of movies and then took a nap.  When we woke up from our nap we watched more tv. While I am traveling on the road, Starla records some of my favorite tv shows and then when I come home I have a lot to catch up on.
On Friday morning we met up with my brother, Jim and then went to visit my dad at the personal care home where he lives. While riding to Confluence in the car we had good opportunity to talk and catch up with each other. And then we spent about 2 hours with my dad and some of the other residents that live there. I miss my dad a lot. He has been getting all the postcards that I’ve been sending and he likes to hear about everywhere that we go.
After we left there and dropped Jim off we went back to the house for a little while and then later we drove back into Somerset to Roof Garden Christian Church. They were having a revival with Evangelist Ray Bennett. It was a fantastic sermon. Ray is a “heaven high, hell deep, world wide,  shotgun barrel straight” preacher. Then we ate some refreshments while having fellowship with wonderful Christian friends.
I am tired. What a busy wonderful time I am having.
Saturday morning Starla and I drove to Cumberland, MD to deliver some fudge orders. Starla is selling fudge to try to get the money she needs for an upcoming surgery. She is making and selling quite a bit of fudge. We have made 12 different kinds; chocolate, chocolate walnut, peanut butter, peanut butter walnut, pumpkin, eggnog, chocolate chipotle, white chocolate cherry, chocolate cherry, chocolate mint, Christmas(white chocolate with crushed candy canes and red and green sprinkles), and butterscotch. I have been helping her make it. I made over 60 pounds so far while home.
Later that evening we met up with my sister, Amy and niece, Kacey for supper in Somerset. Of course we went to Chinese. We all love it. Amy is still trying to adjust to her new job and odd hours so she was very sleep deprived and went home to sleep after we ate. Starla, Kacey and I went to Roof Garden Christian Church to once again hear Ray Bennett.
I was scolded and accused of being lazy by Roy Worsham. Roy is the evangelist at Roof Garden and he and his wife, Sandy are avid blog readers. He always lets me know when I need to get busy and update my blog. I really appreciate loyal readers like them.
After church Starla and I got in the car to go home and Kacey got into her, but she wasn’t alone. She had a really great boy with her, Brantley Rigo. Uh oh. I won’t comment and get myself into trouble there.
Wow, one week of vacation gone by just like that. It went fast.

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